When should a plant be visible?

Just planted my seed. How much time should elapse before I see a plant begin to develop in the planter?

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did you start in the soil or soak for 24 hours then plant. did you soak in water then put in paper towel till it grew a small sprouted tail and then plant??? in ground no soak 7 to 10 days.

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7-14 days

Placed seed in cup of water until germination.

If you’ve already put her in dirt I wouldn’t pull it out to use the water or paper towel method.

My newest plant peeked out of the dirt at 4 days, but it can take a week to 10 days in some instances.

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I’d give it a week or so
Don’t go digging around in there like my friend did or when is seems slow growing, you’ll be like me, I mean my friend and you’ll wonder if you stunted it’s growth