When ready is ready


Appreciate advice.
I have 2 plants growing in buckets. Unfortunately I can’t let them out of the bucket and make them spread out due to my limited stealth space.
I am just wandering, how do I know that the plant is ready for flowering? Is it depend on size, how toll is the plant? If the plant is about a 30 to 40 cm tall, is this is the time to start alternating lights? One plant is auto flowering Northern Lights, the other one I’m not sure, but both are Indica strains.


most set lights to flower schedule…when plant is roughly half as tall as your space allows.
because blooming cycle will trigger significant upward growth.

the auto…well not much to do there. if its already blooming.


with auto’s just the same as ant other plant - when the Pistal’s have turned at least 80% amber.brown - How long in flower now ? height really doesn’t have any thing to do with time of harvest just the amount of your yield Here is a the auto growth cycle:

Vegative stage - weeks 1-3
Flower stage - weeks 4 -10

then change light at each specific stage

you will, know if the other plant is not an auto in week 4


Appreciate advice. This one is about 3 weeks, but growing in the bucket. Looks like i may have to wait another week or two before adjust light time.


they are not flowering yet.
he was asking about when to begin flowering.

the questions you answered are sure to come in time.


Sorry for my reply thanks AgentJay !!!


Autos should be grown using a long photo period for the duration of grow. If you mix “Autos”, with regular or feminized plants that need the light photo period shortened in order to induce flowering, then you will stunt your auto flower plants. This is OK if you just want some harvest to hold you over until you harvest the higher yielding plants.

I would like to add. I think 80% amber trichomes is going too far. Keep in mind that an amber trichome is a decaying trichome. You want more active THC presented by the cloudy trichomes. IMO :slight_smile: Unless you just want to go to sleep.


Hi Latewood.
I have two buckets. One is autoflower and other is not. The autoflower is on 18 /6 lights and I just started 12/12 on the other one. Both buckets have two 100 watt cfl lights. Hop I’m doing something right.