When or do you have to stop foliar spraying during flower

Can you use a foliar spray during flower or do you only use plain water???

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Hey there u shud use soda water carbonated water that is good for the plants


what is the name and company that makes the foliar spray you want to use @Mikos

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Thanks @bob31 i use 2 different one that i made up with fish mix and the other is made up of alg-a-mic 1ml to 1l both sprays are 1ml to 1l.

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I have read many times that foliar feeding during mid to late flowering runs the risk of bud rot.

Liquid that has either not been absorbed by the plant and or hasn’t evaporated while the lights are on can cause mold which leads to rot.

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@Mikos I think the recommended usage is about up to the second week or first week of flower. Then as @Alton66 put it, can lead to grow issues. Really it’s just about prepping the plants for flowering, after it’s happned/happening, they’ll uptake through the roots. Happy growing! :seedling: