When moving from veg to flower


I’m going to move 2 plants to the picture and it’s 912w. Should I slowly turn all lights on or all at once?



If you’re asking if the plant can go from less light to more, the answer is yes

I don’t use LEDs so you might want to keep them up until you hear from somebody else but I would put em right under it I’m Getting Leds next summer for the heat factor so I’m watching to see how this goes!
-all the best!


@Paranorman that’s why I’m asking. I know seedlings don’t like the intensity. Just have to say wow that’s bright. Turned it on and nearly went blind.


It if it’s not the sun outside it’s pretty hard to hurt them but you are just hanging on somebody else with LEDs will know more I like those two on each side that you have I want to put two of those in a 4x4 this spring so I’m checking this out I want to know how you like them and I want to see how it goes this is a great threat thanks for putting it up


I would blast’em… but keep the lights about 30 inches up,…then slowly move the lights down as they tolerate it…or not,…as maybe it will be intense enough at a distance.


Awesome. Got them in and now waiting for sunrise


If you deciding to put a seedling in there you need to set your lights at 36 inches , but you don’t need all that power yet for seedlings . The best thing is to put your seedlings under CFLs until they get established 2-3 nodes maybe , and than transplanted into final pot for vegging , than once you start your vegging stage after you have about 4-5 nodes which should be after the eleventh fingered leaf , than they should be strong enough for that much of light intensity , than once you put them under all your power , lower your lights to about 18-24 inches and they should start to thrive . The only problem you will have is your lights has different par spectrum and making light height adjustments can be tricky , cause the Mars light are stronger than the other brands I believe , and when in flower you should be fine to run all your power at 24-26 inches and get great bud density and big bud colas .


@yoshi thanks. Both plants are 7 weeks old. I wasn’t sure so they are both a long ways away. I think I’m let them stretch.
Yes I thought of different heights and going to put them all at same height and raise plants if needed