When its vegging and starts to form tiny blooms fem/top or what?

Too early to tell if fem but yeah you can go ahead and top tallest ones if like. I’d wait on the lower ones to catch up before topping them. You’ll know they’re fem when you see pistils

Thank you forming the best shaped buds are my concerns and what if I snip a bloom head does it split and damaging? Tks

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Once pistils/budlets start forming, it’s too late to top. You can try some lst.


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If u snip a tip, the branches below will start to grow 2 and lowers will come up. Id will not do any lasting damage, a day or 2 to recover and she b good to go. But as @blackthumbbetty said, if it is in flwer dnt cut tho. Only if still in veg

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Thank you both very good words! I only had this on the clones that I put out in spring they were taken I believe they were in flower or bloom. I didnt know they would respond this way

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