When is veg time


that looks great @Grandaddy013


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none of my biz but, i would hang ballast if possible…i would hate for a water spill to fry your light…


@BIGE dern good point, my friend. That will happen tomorrow. Must of been stoned not to think of that.


lmao They look to be doing fine steady as she goes


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On my first grow I tried tap water and h202. I got slime all over my roots. Might have been something else I was doing wrong, but switched to well water and creek water with aquagaurd and haven’t had that problem anymore. It’s getting more and more difficult to get this water and was wondering if I let my water sit in the sun a couple of days in clear jugs, would that be good.


Not sure, probably depends on exactly what the issue was/is. I bubble water to remove chlorine.


@dbrn32 exactly what do you mean “bubble”


Like an air pump with air stone. Similar to what you would use in hydro unit. I just fill bucket with water night before and run air stone in it overnight.


@dbrn32 I can do that. I have a spare air pump and stones. I’m going to do it in 55 gallon barrel. How long should I bubble with this much


Not really sure to be honest. I’d try 24 hours with lid off. If you check ph before and after and see a little rise in ph I’d expect you to be good. Probably fine even if you don’t.


Thanks @dbrn32.


No problem!


Some cities use chloramine in place of chlorine which doesn’t gas off instead it needs to be filtered out or an additive added to remove it. I favor rainwater when possible


Gold leaf

Train wreck in front, Gold leaf in back
Day 22 of flower. They are drinking nearly 5 gallons of water per day. Ppm have been rising last couple of days. I’m assuming they have cycles of drinking or eating. @Donaldj is that right, or do I need to adjust?


They tend to binge and purge having periods of rapid feeding followed by just drinking after top off is ppm still same? how are they looking in normal real light? leafs still all green any leaf loss tip burn are their any colors coming out?
How many weeks since flower onset 25 days right they still have lots of filling out to do yet but this is when they will start weeks 5-7 for denser buds and more color you could do 1 of 2 things lower space temps 3-5f or reduce ppm of base nutrients lowering ppm into 700-750 this would force feed them while they are drinking heavy :wink:
Sorry for delayed response came home from work and shoveled in yard for couple hours than had company until shortly before bed time most of my visitors don’t know my other hobby :slight_smile:


Good morning sensei. Plants look amazing. Healthy green color ( sorry about lighting). Everything seems to be going fantastic. I’ve been thinning fan leaves trying to get more light and air into lower parts. Not experiencing any problems, just checking with the Master to make sure I’m on the right path. As always, your help is GREATLY appreciated.


@Donaldj Houston, we have a problem

I’m thinking cal mag. What say you
This is on my gold leaf plant only, and wasn’t there yesterday