When is veg time


What are you using for PK boost? liquid koolbloom? now would be when adding pk booster would help you to add mass and sweeteners to increase terpenes easy add in and if you cut Silicate won’t raise ppm much but they are looking nice. lmao I am just offering suggestions to bump your yield and bud density if you don’t have the LKB you can up ppm with similar results just less density gain


@Donaldj I’m using the LKB. Got it and the dry back when you first told me about them. I will double check when I go over there today, but I believe I’m about full strength on the LIB, at least according to directions. :drooling_face:


Have to forgive me I read lots of threads and can forget details or merge them at times not that I ignore or lose rack entirely just that I don’t reread entire thread every time I post :wink:


I was wrong @Donaldj , I was only 1/2 strength on LIB. Ppm’s are dropping about 10 overnight. Just added 5 gal water and 40 million LIB.


@Donaldj remind me to bring a pair of glasses next time. I was at 1/4 strength on LKB. ADDED another 100ml of LKB. Ppm at 791. I will keep an eye on it and adjust as necessary. Thanks


Getting best results is a science of forcing them to the very verge of almost too much without pushing them over during veg to increase root growth we play the opposite game. This is why we learn ppm unlike soil you can change things instantly :wink: in hydro lmao most of the people I teach how to grow in hydro end up growing better plants than me because they are diligent I tend to ignore my meters lots and judge by how plants look. Even though I teach strict monitoring


2 weeks into flowering
@Donaldj I got ppm up to 791. The next day it was 787. The next day it was 807 and needed water. I added 10 gal water, cal mag and hydrogaurd. Ppm 744. Today 747. Are things going good, or do I need to make adjustments?
Also, what about molasses

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Raw cane sugar works better than Mol in hydro they are looking awesome 3-4 weeks into flip/flower? I would bump ppm a bit more 900 or so reduce or cut the Cal-mag they are done stretching it’s time for them to fill out Cane sugar has mag and sulfer in it


@Donaldj you rock


Got ppm to 882. Going to get some cane sugar today, but I’m betting it doesn’t have directions for hydro on the box @Donaldj


@Donaldj or should I use Flora Nectar. I’ve tried looking up info, but seem to get conflicting info. What does the Master say?


almost all sweeteners will work but most are derived from exact same things :wink: Raw sugar is far cheaper and tbsp a gallon is enough to get results


@Donaldj thanks. Should I go ahead and start using it now ?


indeed it helps add to sweetness and flavor


@Donaldj so roughly 3.125 cups for 50 gallons. Should I dissolve it it warm water first, or just add as is?


dissolve and I think I meant to say tsp/Gal what I get for answering things during my first coffee of the day :wink:


@Donaldj I know what you mean about the coffee. Thanks so much for your help. I think the girls are doing really good


@Donaldj girls ate good last night. Ppm dropped 25. Dissolved cane sugar in a gallon of hot water, then cooled it down, and added to reservoir. ADDED 20ml micro and 40ml bloom. Ppm= 907 ph=5.6
They are looking AWESOME.
Thanks :sunglasses:


@Donaldj one day ppm goes up, some days it goes down. They are drinking lots of water and growing good. I just check and adjust daily. Ppm at 912 ph at 5.8. Is this the way it’s supposed to go, or do I need to change?


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