When is veg time


lol I just hate watching poor plants get killed :wink: and don’t worry I research constantly always learning more myself it is confusing until you start to learn the common factors. That being your plants adapt and want to succeed so will forgive many things we do to them so long as they have water and are given a chance they teach us constantly. Trick is watching your plant and learning to listen to what it is telling you :wink: that takes practice and keep in mind I have been around these plants for decades and still need to refer to books or guides lmao


Changing nute schedule early will simply reduce stretch commonly referred to as injecting P the initial larger dose of Phosphorus lets your plant know it has the resources needed to flower


I have similar problems with the main stump and managed to put it completely in the cluster!


Is it time? @Donaldj



It’s in flower now for sure so you can adjust nutrients anytime


That’s what I was thinking @Donaldj. I changed water, and added hydrogaurd and cal mag. Then I did 1/4 of what the chart said for micro, bloom, and kool bloom. That got my ppm’s up to 540, which is higher than before I changed. Waiting to see how they react.


day 4 of flower. Got top scrog net on. Ppm’s dropped over 30 last night. Added micro, bloom, and kool bloom up to 3/8 of gh schedule. Ppm at 530.
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I think they could likely handle a bit higher ppm 7-800 would be ideal for first weeks of flower but if they are healthy and happy keep with what’s working :wink:


Looks great man :+1:


@Donaldj I want to bump it up. How will I know if it’s too much?


any tip burn on leaves ppm raises lots over a few days


@Donaldj I did some reading last night and that was basically what I’m doing. I was bringing it up slowly to see how they react. If everything is good when I go this afternoon, I will bump it on up. Thanks again buddy, you keep me pointed in the right direction


Each strain and plant is slightly different and growing space requires different approach to ppm levels in a hot grow space plants drink very fast so ppm can be far lower, cold space plants drink really slow so almost need force feeding with higher ppm. I favor Lucas formula for flower since I add silicate and LKB with alternating cal or epsom salt so using lucas is far more flexible. Flowering ppm can vary from 700-1800ppm and in hot space 600-1200 but there is no set rule


@Donaldj it stays about 72 degrees. I misunderstood, and thought I was to quit the silicate after the stretch. Obviously I was wrong


you certainly don’t need to run silicate much after stretch it was simply an example :wink:


@Donaldj thanks. Adjusted today ppm=757 ph=5.8


just keep an eye on them for next 48 if they like it leaves will perk up


@Donaldj sorry about the color, new phone. Plants seem really healthy. Ppm dropped 20 last night. Ph is 5.8 no adjustments today. Thanks again for your help. I think between us, we’re going to have a nice harvest


gold leaf
train wreck
@Donaldj ppm running around 730 ph 5.7 they are looking good to me. Anything that I should be doing? As always, thanks for the help