When is veg time


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Looks like what u r doing is working pretty darn well.


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stems getting purple, ppm’s rising, ph dropping. About time to change nutrients to flower mix. What is going on?
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Most likely she is starting to seek extra PK in her diet they drink a lot faster during transition and early flower I typically lower PPM some to force feed them. When they drink faster and raise ppm when they drink slower, do they look healthy and happy? if so than you are floating the edge of perfect mix. The purple is the sign they are ready for more bloom specific nutrient mix


My God where have you been @Donaldj. I’ve missed you and would be TOTALLY lost without you. This has been the best grow ever, and I attribute it to your help. Do you see signs of flower? Is it time to change to flowering nute regime? I don’t want to mess this up.


They look really good, and are growing like “weeds”. I had already dropped my ppm from 500 to 440 a couple of days ago when I topped it off.


they look like they have started to transition will be another few days to a week before they are truly in flower was quite busy with some mods to my grow space over weekend. Ph can also swing via what is called feeding frenzy where plants suddenly start to eat lots at this stage will be lots of playing it by ear as ppm and ph will fluctuate it’s a relax and adjust at top offs phase.


This morning, ppm had risen about 30 points from yesterday. Ph had dropped to 5.4. I added ph up. Went back just now ( 5hrs later) and ppm had dropped 25 points. Like you said, temperamental at this point. I will stay on top of it. Thanks again for your help @Donaldj


on the good ship Lollipop
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What happened?


When I put my scrog net on, I obviously bent a limb too far. Did not know it till a few days latee, and she was healing, so I let it go. Doing great


You super cropped that limb with out knowing that’s awesome i thought you sis that on purpose
Super cropping is one of my favorite training techniques @Grandaddy013


@Countryboyjvd1971 that is what happened on the bottom picture (trainwreck) the top picture (goldleaf) I did intentionally


I have grafting wax for things just like that it seals breaks so nothing nasty can get in


And where would one obtain that? Amazon, local nursery?
Last grow I had the same thing happen, and I knew it when it happened. I put a zip tie around it and closed it up. About 2 weeks later, I cut the zip tie off, and everything was fine.


It’s basically a stick of super sticky wax


Found it. Thanks


It’s always a pleasure hearing from you, my friend @Donaldj you have helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I search the web and read and read. When I’m done, I’m more confused than when I started. Lots of conflicting information. Every thing you have told me has been spot on. I am NOT in a 420 friendly state, so I’m on my own.
Here’s my latest dilemma:
I’m having knee surgery Monday. If I don’t see signs of flower by Sunday evening, will it be OK to go ahead and change my water and nute schedule?