When is veg time


The ppm drop is an indicator that you have mix set almost perfectly losing 10-20ppm a day would add to 100-200 between a 10 day res change with top ups being same nutrient mix. I would suggest a ppm raise when you start dropping 30+ a day raising ppm 100-200 over all


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day 1/ week six of veg


looking great @Grandaddy013


Installed scrog nets today. @Donaldj besides my GH 3 part nutes, when I flip my lights, what do I need. I bought kool bloom wet and dry, and flawless finish. Do I use silica or not? Do I need anything else. Thanks


silicate should be in mix bulk of stretch


trainwreck. This was yesterday, 2 days after installing scrog. I think they recovered. When I put it on, nothing was sticking through top of net
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looks great always remember to tuck under,don’t weave branches.
that way you can remove when you would like to…
great looking plant @Grandaddy013


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@Donaldj… you said you use liquid kool bloom weeks 3-6. Is that starting the third week after you flip lights, or 3rd week AFTER 2 week transition


Looking good friend :+1:


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After flip not transition because transition can vary between strains age of plants but usually runs 10-14 days so I start LKB once flowers are truly present


Gold LeafTrainwreck
Just topped today. Ready to flip lights in a few days.
@Donaldj… when I first see flowers and change my nutrients, I’m a little lost as to what I need. I use the GH 3 part. I have cal mag and kool bloom. Do I need anything else. Based on 50 gallons of water, at what ratio should I mix my nutes, and what PPM range am I looking for? Thanks


Flipped lights today. The countdown begins. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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4x4 scrog net. Started building second nets today


@Donaldj I noticed on the GH feeding schedule for recirculating systems that their PPM was about twice what I’m running. Should I go with half the nutes, or do I need to do something to get my ppm’s up?


that is nice @Grandaddy013