When is veg time


trimmed off some of the lower leaves so they could get some air


We have lots of members that use scrog myself included depending what I am growing though sometimes I don’t bother with the screen :wink: You have pretty much maxed out silicate dosing your ladies look fairly healthy I wouldn’t change much in your overall mix the only thing to boost ph stable mix would be to increase res size


@Donaldj I appreciate your help very much. I’m not sure when to put my scrog nets up, nor how long to" tuck" before letting them grow vertical


How large of a scrog do you want to do? I tend to very unorthodox scrog I let my limbs stretch then bend them down and intro duce screen the height of my plants helps me to determine width of scrog


My nets are 4x4. I built in tees to add another screen higher if needed. I also noticed in another post where you use Kool Bloom, so I ordered some liquid. Do you use the dry as well?


last 2 pics are same plants :wink:
liquid koolbloom I use through weeks 3-6 Dry I only use to ripen so once pistils start to brown and only for one res change cycle 7-8 days at which point all top offs are ph’d water and next res change is a finisher


What is a finisher? @Donaldj


Nice looking plants BTW


finishers are flushing agents which consist mainly of chelated Magnesium AN has Flawless finish GH favors DKB and FloraKleen
Green planet has which is run last three weeks

The idea is you do want to feed right to harvest but not pumping ladies full of N-P-K rather adding sugars and speeding plants metabolism in such a fashion that it uses stored minerals that would otherwise make it grassy or hard to consume


Finally got things stabilized. Ppm=500 Ph=5.8
A big shout out to @Donaldj for his help. Thanks buddy



Very nice :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


When doing the scrog, do I quit " tucking" when I flip the lights @Donaldj


I don’t I continue to tuck for first week or so of transition once stems start getting too rigid I stop


When is it too late to top @Donaldj


at flip is latest topping


Thanks for the help


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Plants seem to be doing good. Ppm has dropped 30 in the last 2 days. I assume that’s a good thing. I am not sure when to up my nutes. @Donaldj… your input would be appreciated.
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Just topped them again 2days ago


Look good my friend :v: