When is veg time


@Donaldj… my air pump delivers 70 l/m and my water pump is 594 g/h


68f res plants in 75-78f range
and I run a 956 gph pump but you should have enough air but it wouldn’t hurt to have a stone in your res


@Donaldj… are you using a chiller? If so, where do you get them?


7f outside atm so temps are pretty easy to dial down when needed and no not using a chiller I have to heat more of the year than cool also running cooler lights


day 2 of week 3 of veg Gold leaf


same day Trainwreck.
Changed water today and gave fresh nutes


When I changed water yesterday and added my nutes and adjusted my ph. PPM=641 ph=5.8
Today’s reading PPM=646 ph= 4.9 so I added ph up to get it to 5.8
@Donaldj… I think the plants are looking good, just don’t know the science behind why ph is dropping, and if I can stabilize. I’m planning a trip in a few days and frankly I’m worried. What can I do. Please help. Thanks


It seems like your plants are drinking far faster than they are eating which makes ppm raise and inverse ph to drop


@Donaldj… so should I lower my ppm’s ?


Dropping ppm back down to 500 may help as well as adding some silicate which may help to stablize


@Donaldj… thanks, but what is silicate, and where can I get it


Potassium silicate is a standard hydro additive since silicate is readily avail in soil but not in water Silicate is in everything in nature but not water :slight_smile: Silicate makes up plants structure bark and skin of it’s leaves it also has added bonus of acting Alkaline raising ph rather than being acid like most nutrients. This means if ppm raises it helps to keep ph more balanced being a part of ppm, I also like to mix nutrients and ph at top end 6.2 for first 24hr’s than adjust this gives nutrients time to interact and self stablize to some degree


@Donaldj… what about GH armor SI or would you suggest something different?


Armor SI is silicate :slight_smile:


Good deal. Just ordered some. I so much appreciate your help


gold leaf at 3 1/2 weeks veg


gold leaf


Gold leaf




Was gone for 3 days. Ph had dropped to 4.9. Added 5 gallons of water and 20 ml silica. Ppm= 473 ph= 6.0
@Donaldj what do you think? I’ve got the silica up to 75%. I’ve been using it instead of Ph up. I understand that you are the go-to guy for hydro nutrients. Who is go-to guy for scrog?