When is veg time


how have your temps and humidity been and how intense are fans moving them could also be too dry forcing them to speed drink and pistils to dry out?


@Donaldj my a/c started messing up and temps got into high 80’s for about 3 days. Ran exhaust on my lights and got another a/c. Temps 73. RH 55%. Breakers kept tripping, causing lights to be out. Resolved that problem. 12 days ago, I cut lights off and turned overhead light on to get pictures, cut lights back on. Two days later, noticed I had forgotten to cut overhead light off. Yeah, I probably screwed them up


And I haven’t used dry KB yet. I will try to get pics of trichomes today


Lol here’s a nice thing about hydro you can force feed your ladies so even when leaves look almost toast they are still producing eating and adding to mass. A thing of note if your lady presented preflowers prior to flip she was ready to go at drop of hat so could be far closer than you think :wink: My plants in winter take 1-2 weeks longer in flower than in summer and those I flip with preflowers usually are even faster, Also if you left lights on for several days they may have tried to revert towards veg on you which would’ve changed plant hormone levels and she may bounce back into putting out now pistils in a few days?


I had a good mistake Thursday I didn’t check on ladies went to peak Friday at 5pm and everyone was wilted I hadn’t anticipated the temp climbs having them drink so fast. I went through 15 Gal of water and they all bounced right back in few hours but had I got busy and left them another day they were all toast :wink: mistakes happen


@Donaldj on the subject of checking trichomes, I always checked in sugar leaves. Is that correct?
Thanks for all your help


Also ordered new air pump and air stones


I check on buds and sugar leafs on several locations of plant since top buds develop faster than mid level and lower I also selective harvest taking tops than working my way down over a week or few days this lets lower buds get better light for couple days before harvest and can actually continue to add bulk the stress from cutting triggers urgency to finish


@Donaldj I drained 20 gallons and added fresh water and hydrogaurd. Ppm 647 after 15 min. About 1 1/2 hrs later, ppm 629. Another hour, ppm 620 ph 5.8 At this point I left it assuming they were eating.


@Donaldj ppm went up 40 last night. I drained and replaced another 15 gallons today, only adding HG and ph down. At 100x I found 1 Amber Reich. Should I go ahead and start DMV, or can I wait another week? Current ppm 522 ph 5.6


sounds to me like they are starting to ripen so your reduced ppm is going to be begining of flush cycle another week or so and they should be about harvest ready


@Donaldj do I just skip the dry KB


you could run DKB too during last week just cut everything for 24-48 before harvest and run straight ph’d water with flora kleen


Thanks @Donaldj. I’ll order some flora kleen. I had bought flawless finish


that will work too only said Flora because it’s habbit :wink:


@Donaldj this may be an ignorant question, but a couple of weeks ago when I was trimming some fan leaves for better light penetration and air circulation, my sugar leaves were all frosty and my hands got real sticky. Now I don’t seem to have many. Is this normal? Did I screw the pooch?


the sugary leaves are normal and if trimmed off don’t always lead to more


@Donaldj I probably said it wrong. I didn’t trim the sugar leaves, they just don’t have much sugar anymore



Some plants are just more covered than others? but the triches are atleast mostly cloudy