When is veg time


Gold leaf



how old? how many days of flower?


@BIGE day 23 of flower


Calcium indeed was expecting that to come sooner or later the tip burn also was a possible issue since they are drinking so heavy now ppm can raise very fast leading to nute burn hence the slight ppm drop I suggested :wink: add a little Cal to your mix as well but reduce Micro by half of what you add in Cal mag (offsetting the N in the Cal-mag) by reducing the high N Micro


@Donaldj thanks. I had quit adding cal mag. I will start back in the morning


@Donaldj ppm went up again last night. Did a complete reservoir change. Adjusted to ppm 790 ph 5.8. Damn breaker tripped 3 times today. I ran a drop cord from another room and it seems to be doing ok now. Then my a/c crapped out. Went over there awhile ago and it was 88 degrees. Frantically searching for replacement . Not a good day


@Donaldj new ballast coming tomorrow. Bought another a/c unit last night. Ppm dropped 20 last night, but ph shot up to 6.7. Added ph down, but don’t understand why it went up that much


@Donaldj this morning when the lights came on , @ 8:00, ppm 790 ph 6.7
Spent most of the day adding ph down. @4:30 this afternoon, ppm 680 ph 5.8 I guess they were starving.


Uploading… I
Finally got exhaust for lights installed


Sorry for late reply I work 10-12hr’s a day during the summer yes likely a feed frenzy


Exhaust yesterday. Just installed new a/c today. Ppm went up 27 last night. I guess after that feeding frenzy, they’re thirsty now


@Donaldj just installed new ballast. Kept tripping breaker. Ppm fluctuating during day which I assume is normal?


Ran dedicated circuit for lights yesterday. Still haven’t determined what keeps tripping breaker unless breaker is going bad.


Gold leaf

Gold leaf

@Donaldj I’m running ppm’s around 800, and they seem to be leveling out. Will the Goldleaf recover?


Recover not so much but will continue to develop even with leaf damage yes






@Donaldj I can’t seem to get a handle on things. It’s starting to get to the trainwreck. I’m at a loss here. Dropped ppm down to 800, but it keeps rising


they are almost finished it is normal that they don’t eat as much at this point you could drop ppm to 500 or less and start checking your triches. Just judging by pistils they are about ready to flush
Sorry for late reply first day of true gardening season here so had tonnes of planting to do on top of putting up some siding plant shopping etc…


@Donaldj I had noticed pistols turning red, but it’s only been 5 weeks since I flipped lights. I’ll drop ppm today and start checking trichs