When is light, too much light?

this is first time growing with fem seeds, i have grown autos several times before, but i want to try fems, can you give some advice on the lighting times and duration times. and can i grow them as tall as i want, and then cut back on the lighting to get them to bud when i think they are ready. autos just do not give me the small i crave and taste i get a really good buz off of the autos i am starting out with gorilla glue and i see you have had a lot of experience with them thanks RAY

Yes, with fem photos you grow them as big and tall as you want with a light schedule for vegging (18/6 usually) and then when you want them to flower, just take light schedule down to 12/12. I normally veg my plants for 8 weeks or so and then start flowering them.

So do autos not have the smell and flavor? I was under the impression that was also dependent on curing time and process.

The more I read about autos, the less I like them. Was going to do the ww auto I ordered from seedsman (before I found ilgm).

Speaking of which, my 1 bean I bought from there, it says shipped to local postal depot and has said that for a month now. How can it still be in England. Their local post can’t be that far, lol…I know with COVID that shipping overseas is delayed but what the heck?

I would imagine they do but never having grown autos (and probably never will), I don’t know. The problem with autos is that they will flower when they feel like it, and if the plants get off to a bad start, suffer from over-watering or other newbie mistakes then you end up with a tiny stunted plant that is now flowering and won’t yield more than I can smoke in a day - would be waste of a few months.

Im gonna slide in here and ask a ? to @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 who have helped me a ton before. I had seeds going under hlg 135 in solos, maybe 2.5 feet up. xplanted 3 days ago, now under the 650s but a good 4ft space, and I had them on notch 3 which is 260. They look like below. I think its plant shock and maybe a bit of bad watering, but I took it down to notch 2 which is 150. But these are 5-6 week olds, they should be able to handle more than 260 no?

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Sudden increase in intensity could do that. Maybe instead of turning light down that other plants are doing well with, you could move plants you are most worried about to different part of tent where intensity is lowest?

Thanks as always. How do I optimize once they are stable, this thing goes pretty bright as you know. I guess that’s where DLI comes into play? I think HLG only posts at full intensity the relative PPM.

Either way good idea, some of them are handling it well while others aren’t. Ill move some things around and monitor.

I forgot to mention the env but its FF, just calmag PHed at this point, 78 degree with 65RH. Tent seems locked in that’s why the drooping is confusing me.

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Try the ppfd meter or photone apps with your phone. Just use a piece of white paper as a diffuser over your light sensor. Or depending on phone you can measure lux more accurately without a diffuser.

  • Clones and seedlings: 5,000–7,000 lux
  • Vegetative growth: 15,000–50,000 lux
  • Flowering: 45,000–65,000 lux
  • Maximum recommended amount of light: 75,000 lux
    My flowering tent ranges from 40s on outside to 60s in center, 2x4. That’s a good bit of difference from center to outside. Ofc in talking near wall to dead center. In a 4x4 I’d imagine the light to be more even though since it’s a square vs rectangular light too. My differences run mostly left to right not north and South
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You can try to hit numbers looked up online or from past grows. But i always felt like doing that was chasing the unnecessary. Every plant in every grow can be different. If you look at them and things are going well, increase light intensity a little bit. Monitor for a few days, and increase another small amount if things continue to look good.


Also, plants in veg need far less light than in flower. Save your peak intensity for then.

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Between my novice 19W feit led from HD, and a sf1000d led i have, which would be best for start of seedlings, and at what height to prevent stretching. For now, thats my lighting options. Want to start off proper this time ! Or, suggestions of light for the application.

For seedlings it’s all about the color temperature and a lower intensity. 4000-6500k would be ideal for the temperature. That Feit, I just looked it up. If it’s the one with the “cool blue” spectrum, you’re in business. Keep one plant under that for a couple weeks and it’ll do great. Hang 12-18 inches above the seedling. Then move to the spider farmer, following manufacturer instructions. That should grow a nice plant!

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That FEIT basically raised a nice girl I have now. Didn’t know better till recently. Its now under sf1000 and being fed w fox farm.


The FEIT is the 19w model from home depot. :laughing:. Embarrassing, but I know better now!