When is it time?


I agree but some swear by this method. Just throwing info out there. I harvested a “test” plant to see what effect if any from pulling based on “pistil color”.


@elheffe702, @N00BIE, @AnneBonny - I appreciate all the different angles on timing the harvest from people with hands on experience. I guess the best way is to take all of them into consideration and at some point, just going for it taking all things into account.

Thanks all.


I guess I should buy a jeweler’s loupe. What’s taking me so long? Oh right, I totally forgot. And then I forgot I forgot. Dammut have I been smoking weed again!? You never can trust me around any of the major cannabinoids.
Anyway. This picture here is another Northern lights auto. Every day I get up and I look it and I wonder if today is the day. She’s an auto and over 4 months old, and now that I’m thinking about that I’m starting to feel that maybe she hasn’t been doing much lately and that she gonna get herself killed. If she don’t be careful, see.
Thanks for your help lol