When is it time to flush?

Question from a fellow grower:

if your growing during a normal 8 week flowering cycle in soil &
the 8th week is the flush your soil week, How do you correct for a
marijuana strain that flowers in 52 days since
8 weeks is 56 days? do you skip fertilizing in week 11 the ripening
week or do you flush in the middle of week 11 & only allow 4 days
for flush? im a newby by far but I dont understand or know how to adjust
for that, & what about 49 days do you skip last 2 weeks of
fertilization to start flush week??? please let me know what to do to
adjust for that and for auto-flowering seeds

I typically stop feeding around 10 days before I harvest and simply use water ph’d for remainder of grow checking my run off ppm after each water to confirm the plants ppm is dropping. Occasionally I rinse soil out doing a fast flush last week running 3 times containers volume through the plant once then water it normal no food from that point on. But best approach is to go 2 weeks straight water until you better know your strain

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hey Donald. your information is always SPOT on! so thanks for that.

that being said,…i wouldn’t mind a space bar or two in your wall of text heh. although, said text is always useful and accurate.

anyways, question: you said [quote=“Donaldj, post:2, topic:4158”]
best approach is to go 2 weeks straight water until you better know your strain

with my supersoil application. i only use straight water,…for entire grow. and i have read that this supersoil organic mix,…doesnt really need to be flushed. does that make sense to you?

this is from site i learned to mix soil from. (site) "Pros of Super Soil

Better Taste, Smell, Smoothness - Many growers believe that growing cannabis in super soil enhances taste and smell compared to other growing methods, while producing some of the smoothest buds without any hint of “harshness” from chemicals or over-fertilization

Great for Indoors and Outdoors - Super soil is a versatile growing medium that can be used to grow thriving cannabis plants almost anywhere

Natural - Super soil can be created using only organic ingredients that have been broken down naturally - this closely mimics the best and richest soil found in nature

No Need to Flush - Since there’s no chemical salts to alter taste and smell of buds, many organic growers feel there’s no need to flush before harvest

Easier to Grow - Once the amended soil is composted, growing cannabis in super soil is easier than pretty much any other type of growing medium; with super soil there’s no need to worry about maintaining pH or nutrients! Just water your plants and wait until harvest :)"

your thoughts?

Would be pointless to try and flush a full organic soil.
I’ve seen your root mass I wouldn’t worry too much about your flush I’d easily say your plant has made use of everything there and probably gone hunting out the bottom for more.
That being said you could do a rinse/flush if you desired after you kill off the pests :wink:
If you have a tdds or ppm meter measure next time you water just for the hell of it I like mine below 400 before finish but my water has a ppm of 230 after ph correcting so puts actual closer to 200 ppm perfect would be same ppm as you put in lmao

Right on.

Textbook flushing times:

chemical nutrients flush for 4 weeks
Organic nutrients flush for 2 weeks

Flush 3x’s container size over a 2 week period