When is it starting flowering auto

Hey guys, so this OG Kush auto is about 9 weeks now…and some pistils are starting to appear on top. I was asking myself when is it gonna start budding.??

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She’s just starting to flower now, be patient.

So yeah I just saw that…:))

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When can I consider this as the day one of bloom?

Oh you’re there, you can start your bloom nutes now if you like.

Alright thank you

Bloom nutes, will be needed. As noted. She will also start to stretch, so be watchful

Okay thank you for your help guys!

I would drop your lights down to 12 or 14 hours to help with the switch. I would consider some lst on it as well. Good luck

Yup I dropped the light a little bit about 4 hours ago and it is about 28 inches from the top of the plant tomorrow ill drop it an other inch and ill go to about 24 if I can

Honestly. Dont start bloom nutes till about week 2 or 3 of flower. Your plant will be doing a lot of stretching and will benefit more from the higher nitrogen.


I’m sorry I have to respectfully disagree they do need some nitrogen at this stage but they need the phosphorus right now. Most early bloom nuts have a slight nitrogen content. And all the ones who I have followed and learned to grow autos from always start bloom nuts as soon as you start seeing your pistols. Now with photo plants that’s correct but auto are a different story.
Never get less than 4 Oz per plant this way per auto


I guess I can’t say if that’s true or not as I havent done any autos.

Well i gave her a little bit of bloom nuts the first weeks i saw pistols(last week) is that good or O need to give her something else?..that is the nuts i gave her