When is first Topping?

I read where you should top once 5 or 6 nodes have developed. My growth was stunted to too much light and excess nuts (recovered thankfully). I topped the one pic yesterday. Will those two chutes be able to be topped once they get bigger. On the second one, is it okay to top now?

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That’s a yes to both questions. :wink::+1:
Although a bit more growth on the second one would give it a bit more strength at the topping.
Bit longer nub helps keep the main stem from splitting later when things get heavier.

Okay, plant on that I topped last week. Seems to be working pretty good. Should I start to take out more bottom leaves? Is there anything I should do whit the two individual stems from the topping?

Plant 2. I have not topped yet. Still wonder when to do so. Seems to be pretty healthy. Should I take off some leave o this as well. How do u fim or is it too early?