When is a plant done

I have a couple of those autos I’m around 60days look like she’s getting real close I just want to know is it milky or clear the white thing

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You’ll need to wait until those pistils brown and you have milky trichomes on flower. You have many weeks remained based on your pic.

Time to maturity is 8 to 10 weeks from when flowers first appear.


You can usually count on at least 90-100 days from germ on most autos before they are close to ready.
Those have got 3-4 weeks left at least.


like @FlxerPower and @Oldguy said .

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Ok thanksan I germ tlhem 7/12 . It’s an alien vs. Triangle so I figure I got another 20 Days I had a number one skunk order with them they hasn’t flowered at all yet set on the package anyway but it is just as factors begin to the leaves and no flour it’s not a male either

also I’ve had for other plants in veg the whole time I got to put them 12 and tell him I have small Forest here not there already dirty going to be three feet they say double in size than you monsters


Great looking plant.