When In Flower What Is Your Feeding Schedule?

Everyone Schedule is different, but i would like to hear some to see if my own schedule can improve or what i may be doing wrong. I simply Feed,Feed,PH Water,No water,and start over. I had burned leaves a month ago but since i started this schedule, no more leaves have burned. Now I’m trying to do the Lucas Method,My plants are larger and I see it uses alot more nutrients than i have previously used. Im also In week 1 of flower for photos. So I’m trying to see if I need to change my schedule, the way i feed and when to add PK Booster?

I follow the gh drain to waste schedule pretty much to a T. I may tweak it a bit. I grow in coco so I feed every watering. On supposed none feed days I just feed about half strength. Then I use gh drykoolbloom in week 5 I believe

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gh drain to waste schedule? I also grow in coco so you feed EVERYDAY?

Instead of comparing how you to do it vs others just post exactly what you do and then others can chime in. This makes a lot more sense to me.

FEED,Feed,PH water, no water…in that order, day by day
2ml Cal mag
3ml micro
6ml bloom
ph 6.1 to 6.5
end of week 1 of flower
coco grow

No I don’t feed everyday, it’s more every 2 days. But there is nutrients in water everytime. You wanna get your ph a little lower too

You have to understand me feed/water is different from others. I use 7 gallon pots and run about 3 gallon of plain ph water through first. Then on the next gallon I add my nutrients. Helps keep ph in check and salt buildup in coco. Sorry I was at work earlier and couldn’t explain more

Can someone tell me what this is? i have 7 plants wich all recieve the same feeding. Only 1 is doing this. I also have 2 pots of the same strain and the other one is doing great. @HornHead @MrPeat

It almost looks like a Calcium deficiency, but don’t quote me on that.

If you could get your ph to 5.9 ish I think things would start to come around for you.
Correct me if I’m wrong @HornHead.
I know you grow well in co co. :v:

Your roots aren’t happy at 6.1-6.5 ph.
Causing a lockout.
Maybe a few extra waterings to clean things out a bit. Just my .02 c :+1::v:

Looks like lockout and cal-mag deficiency. What are you feeding with???

i use cal mag @Weedlvr0321

I started growing following ff feed schedule. I ended up with lockout and nitrogen toxicity. I don’t follow any of the feed schedules now. I made my own and my plants are booming… PH water every time. Black strap molasses every other feed. 1/4 dose cal-mag every 3-4 feeds. 1/4 dose open sesame and big bloom every 3-4 feeds alternating. My plants have never been healthier. 9 days from flip to 12/12 and pistils starting.

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Mine is pH water, pH water, feed, pH water, feed. Oh ya and flower kiss foliar spray daily at lights out

flower kiss foliar spray? should i get molasses?

Unsulphured black strap molasses. 1 tablespoon to one gallon pH water. It has most nutes needed in it…foxfarm flower kiss foliar. See molasses label…

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First pic is my big girl. Exotic strain…Pink Gorilla(Gorilla Glue x Pink Tangerine) other 2 are Capt cupcake and purp kush. I also have a GDP and super lemon of haze.

first one is GDP second is my lemon og

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HELP!!! @Weedlvr0321 @Oldguy @HornHead


Looks like overwatering or over feeding. Do not flush. Let them dry a few days. I had same problem. I stopped water 4 days then light water with the molasses 2tsp to gallon pH water. Check pH before feed.