When/If to add C02

Looking to see the threshold for introducing 02…

My current light is running around 1100 umol/s at 18 inches. I know you need intensity before it becomes beneficial, just don’t know the numbers…

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Can’t use exhaust fan, all the 02 would be sucked out


I am venting into a closed room but plan on removing the overhead Edison base fixture in the ceiling and vent into the attic. I was going to use a ‘shroom bag in the bottom of the tent and allow the air bath as it is drawn up. Definitely not doing tank injection but the little $40 Exhale bags may add a little “something”…

Probably non-noticeable though (???)

Just get hot sugar water in a milk jug and add yeast. Works good. I’ve done it before


Nice tip !!! :ok_hand:

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a beer yeast starter would fart enough too been thinking about doing it.lol

None of this is going to bump the CO2 levels up to anything meaningful. Better to work on optimizing the things you get the most benefit from.

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That’s a point measurement right? You need to look at your ppfd average.

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That is directly under. It is in the mid 700’s at the corners. What is the formula to get an average??

Total radiometric flux over area in m².

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794 PPFD for 1.486 meters square

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800 umols/second is generally considered point of diminishing returns on ambient co2. 1000 umols/s is recommended co2 supplementation level.

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Yeah, borderline results and the room is not ultimately sealed. I thought maybe an Exhale bag under the plant but why spend the money…

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