When I took the plants out I noticed a wet ball that looked like clay saturated with water

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“I bought some purple haze fem seeds that stated it would be harvested in 10 weeks. I bought a grow tent and a grow light. Out of 5 seeds 3 grew and are still growing, if you would call them growing. 14 weeks later they are still 6 inches tall and are not getting anywhere. I did put them in potting soil but by now I am going to transplant them in top soil. Hopefully, they will grow. Today I re-potted my plants. Went with high nutrient top soil. When I took the plants out I noticed a wet ball that looked like clay saturated with water, last time i buy organic potting soil. Please advice, thanks.”

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You want a quality potting soil not top soil
top soil is for lawns
Most organic garden soil or potting soil will work ok
I use promix my self promix bx to be exact
Fox farms makes some good soil products
You can also go with a coco based medium
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Youll be happy you did
Happy growing :v:CB


Hey there,

If I were you; I would not make any more stressful changes to your grow. I can tell you that with all the weeks you have into the grow; You have issues that range way beyond any seeds or genetics.

If you want help join the forum. We need you to fill out our “ILGM Support Ticket”, and add some images.

What PH have you run all this time, etc…It might be as simple as you added small baby root system to potting soil, or whatever you used that had too strong a fertilizer and burnt the roots stifling your plants.

What kind of grow setup? Outdoors Indoors, etc…

Join up and let us know. lw -Admin USDA certified Grower