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Has anyone seen/ experience with a sealed grow space. One that puts you in control of all environmental conditions. 02, c02, pressure…everything ? Ive seen studies for growing pre historic plants by altering the environment. Didn’t know if anyone has tried :thinking: it with canabis?
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watch Bruce Bugbee’s vids…he grows hemp/cannabis as part of a space farming project for NASA…he is the director of the Crop Physiology Lab at Utha State University…he is also the founding member of Apogee Instruments…which brings us the benchmark SQ 500 quantum sensor, DLI meters and E-PAR meters…to the best of my knowledge, nobody has their hands on a more controlled environment than him…lots and lots of knowledge to be gained here…
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Be very careful with CO2 in a sealed environment. One of the contributors here lost a friend a few years ago due to CO2 poisoning in a similar setup.

CO2 is best used in a tightly controlled environment. It does best in a hydro grow where you can push high nutrient levels. CO2 also requires very intense lighting for the extra CO2 to be useful to the plant.