When I can expect to harvest growing in Massachusetts

Hey everybody , 1st time grower Here I have some outdoor fruity Kush plants that seem to be doing OK. Although I’ve been told there a couple months behind schedule Which worries me a little bit. I get the gist of the stagesOf the plants, I think the only thing I’m hung up on is The length of time of the flowering. It doesn’t seem as though I’ll have enough time to them to mature before harvest. If I’m reading correctly I’ll be harvesting these things in the snow. Lol. Hopefully you guys can shed some light on this.



Did you buy the seeds or were they bag seeds? If bought from a seed bank, they should have an estimated flowering time in the info. If the info says, “flowering time - 9 weeks” and you plan to leave them outside for the duration of the grow, they ‘should’ be ready to harvest about 9-10 weeks after the autumn equinox. You still have plenty of time to get a decent amount of smoke off of them.

The summer solstice was a few weeks ago. As the days get shorter the plants will start to really stretch out over the next couple of weeks. Could double in size. I’d be very happy with plants your size at this time of year. Normally you’ll be in flower by the second week of August. From there depending on strain it will be 6 to 10 weeks for harvest. Early to mid October. I live in Vermont and always harvest by early October.

You’ll be surprised how much they will grow over the next couple of weeks. You’ll be glad to have smaller plants.

The plants are looking great by the way.

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I read you have kush plants so mostly indica I’d assume. They tend to be done early.

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Bro, you ain’t kiddin. I have a 5’ canna-loupe haze right now :weary: that I’ve topped twice, pulling through nets and tying down shoots.
I wish they we 3. The stretch is gonna ridiculous. Friggen 10’ probably. Gonna need binoculars and a ladder to check the tops :sob:

This is 2 mins ago, edit to take a pic.

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That’s a great “problem” to have though!


Yes and no, 1) I hate ladders lol 2) I don’t want anyone to see it when it eventually peeks over my privacy fence; but yes bigger plants lol

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They are feminized mixed berry kush from ilgm. They will stay outside until harvest. I wasn’t sure if it was gonna be 9 to 10 weeks until flower or 9 to 10 weeks after flower.

appreciate it brother

9-10 weeks from the beginning of flower. So 9-10 weeks from Sept 23ish.

reference link to find your daylight hours

The plant should be in flower about a month earlier than Sept 23. They will be in flower a good month plus by then.

How do you figure?

Base of many outdoor grows under my belt. Mid August flower starts. The plants should be starting to stretch due to the days getting shorter. I always have my crop in by beginning to mid October. Some plants do take longer. My season ends by mid October due to frost and cold weather. I grow varieties that will finish up early.

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Interesting. I’ve never finished a photo outdoors. Just assumed (I should know better), based on the 12/12 flip. I stand corrected.

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I’m having some issues here. Does this look familiar to anybody?