When harvesting

A question of a fellow grower:

Afternoon folks, i am tring to grow indoor auto flowering GG plant.

it will be ready by 8/22/2019 but it still looks like it needs a lot more time.

There is nothing to really harvest. Once you transplant 1st time do you just transplant into a much bigger pot when you do the 2nd transplant to finish the growing, or does it follow the same rule as just feminized or reg seeds.

Please shed some lite on this. Really want my GG buds.

Thank you in advance.

how old are these girls? just personal preference,I never transplant with autos because I don’t want the chance of stunting them. It looks like your plants were stunted either by transplant, or they might not be getting enough light. There’s alot of space between nodes and it’s stretching tall. They dont look very close to being done yet. But always check trichs to know when.

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Your plants still has a long way to go breeders guide is an estimated flowering time. Autos try to keep transplants to a minimum. Because they have such a short veg time. Keep taking care of them good luck.

So when your seeds germinate you just plant them in one size pot and let them do their thing?

Thanks for the uplift.

Planting autoflowers in final container is the best strategy. The less you disturb the roots the better. If you start in a solo cup be sure to transplant before roots start to circle the cup. I try to repot to final container by two weeks at most. And dont over water as thats the #1 mistake you can make.
Also remember that the estimate for flowering times given are from the time the plant starts to flower.
So if the info said flowering time was 56 days like GG is listed at, … That means once it starts to flower you can expect about 56 days from that point to harvest. But thats just an estimate and it could be a bit shorter or it could be longer. The state of the buds let you know when to harvest.
Your plants are just beginning to show pistils so you can expect you have at least 2 months to go.

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On the auto plants usually seeds in Solo Cup then to final home. Have you started feeding Bloom nutes.


Yes. Once taproots are out I put them directly in the 5gal container, Where they pop up and will spend their life!

here’s the same plant 53 days later no transplanting

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Thank you, great info

Thank you i will try this method next time and i will post the out come.
Nice plant by the way.

What light are you using.
Lighting is a huge component in getting bigger yields with node spacing closer and bigger buds

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2 600 watt led with alternating option between veg or bloom.

Thank you for the info.

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Question when you or any of the folks reading this, add nutrients to your plants is there a simply way of doing this without having to be a rocket scientist. Also do the canvas pot work best. thanks in advance for any input.

For nutes just go simple. I use fox farm trio, some use top dress, some mix super soil amendments and just water. All depends on you. For me fox farm trio at half strength works well, just have to flush when using liquid nutes.

Ok, thanks. Do not have luck with nutrians. So for the first couple of months I use coast of Maine potting soil w/ nutrians, this works if I am planting outside other then that crappy indoor harvest. My plants start drying and turning yellow. Any info for future scusseful growth is welcomed.

No I use 3 month soil with nutes, has worked in the pass.

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Okay sounds good I would go ahead and start feeding the plants that’s in flower lots of good Bloom nutes on the market. Lot of people use the fox farm nutes products. I use dyna-gro. It’s simple and it works just fine. Also sidedress round the top occasionally with a little worm castings plants love it . Good luck

Hey thanks again, it would seem the longer i hang with the big dogs the better educated i am getting, thanks to the lot of you.

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Trying your method, taproot to 5 gal pot and i just got a sprout, looks just like your posted pics.
lets hope for the best. thanks.