When harvesting, ...all those smaller, less mature buds, unsure

Okay, so I am in the process of harvesting my first white widow grow, I understand all the buds that are larger and got all the light, but all those smaller ones, some not very mature, I see tricomes, and I try to harvest them too, …and it is driving me nuts. I have them all over the lower branches of a hermaphrodite plant I am considering starting the flower process in a small tent of its own so I can get some seeds experimentally.’’

But, I have six large and one medium older plants I am struggling to start harvesting, and I almost am to a point I am considering just getting at all known mature buds, ya know, taking some shortcuts, and those that received proper light, and leaving the rest alone or not trimming them up(maybe those are no good anyway?),…Ive even considered just snipping off the individual buds on all plants that I can tell are “good”, and not removing all branches,…yet, and just snip up the larger buds and throw them in my multi tier mesh hanging drying containers. Actually, I fear I won’t get all the buds trimmed up off branches till the plants have been in the dark for more than four days, …I think that is bad, somehow.

Ya know, I’ll likely end up with a considerable amount of bud, likely a pound worth after dried, as my first grow, and only cause the plants are almost nine months old! I think if I keep grows alot younger, I’d already be done or near done right now trimming and setting out for the week of drying, etc. What a nightmare!

Yes it is overwhelming when you start to harvest. I had 5 Large bushy and tall.
You can alway let the grow till they fill out more, that’s what in doing with small buds. I’m lucky I have 2 friends come help with the trimming, it is a lot of work.
All the small popcorn buds make great hash or edibles. They are smoke able.
I hate to waste any of my plants, I just trashed the big fan leaves, saved everything else. I got about 3 pounds of just buds gave my friends a quarter lb each. I got two colas that went back into veg, don’t ask me how or why they did but I got pics of them really crazy. P.S. Lol I will never grow that many again at one time. Maybe two blueberry next year. I have one outside now budding and one clone growing inside. That blueberry smokes great.
Sorry I get long winded at times.

Well, I got lucky yesterday, a family member came over and trimmed with me for five hours, and that was six plants worth., and I still have a pile of harvest branches, like a plants worth. Taking note, my plants were very large, and total were seven large and old, and one medium.

At least I am very close to having them balled up for placement in the multi tier nylon mesh hanging dryer. I think I should have been trimming off more small suckers off the sides fo the stems that ended up as popcorn bud.

I’m still considering taking that one hermi plant that aint completely cut down and flowering it further to make some seed, but I don’t really have a segregated area, to make sure pollen don’t ruin the up and coming crop.

Its hard to gauge how much bud I will have, but I know it will have to be at least a pound, amazingly, for this first grow. I mean, if I had to guess how many gallon ziop lock bags I could fit in dried bud(no, I won’t be using plastic bags for storage like that), I would guess I would have to have at least eight bags, maybe more.

I ended up with too many mature plants that were vegging, due to inexperience and not wanting to throw anything out, so believe me when I tell you, without going into specifics, in December, the problem will be double what is now!..never again this many and too large! When that time comes, there will have been more trimming of suckers, and I maybe employ a neighbor and his wife, or my “relative”, being my brother, cause his wife my sister in law has parkinsons, real bad, and she is gonna use some, and eventually I believe she may end up getting a medical marijuana card, so I might end up later as a registered grower for a relative,…OR, technically, she might not need much and private citizens in Oregon can have up to eight ounces in the home without a mm card.

So far, total time in trimming has been 2 already, plus 5hrs x 2 people, that is twelve hours worth trimming, and I have about 2 hours or maybe some less to go,…its hard to believe. And I have just got to do something to make me some seeds off that hermi, but worse come to worse, I will just forget about it and harvest the remainder off of it.