When doing an alcohol extract.... how do you determin potency in the extract or the finished product?

so in a nut shell… I previously posted that I make tootsie rolls from THC I have stripped from plant matter using the alcohol wash method…
My calculations were raw and probably wrong as far as potency so I would like help in determining a way to figure this out…

here is my process and assumptions… can anyone verify the results and if not set me straight?

I started with some really good grade flower…2 ounces of it… i am going to guess between 17% -21% THC as it was above average quality

after decarbing it for 30-40 min at 230 degrees in a mason jar in a rotisserie to provide even heat in an oven
I then stripped the THC with an alcohol wash ( I washed the flower 2 times to make sure I got as much as I could get off it)

I ended up with 6.8 grams of thick sticky goodness after just about all the alcohol was evaporated…
I read somewhere else (but not substantiated) that in each gram of extract (1000mg) you really only have about 3/4 of a gram of THC ( 750mg of actual THC…the other 250mg is the inert carrier or base substance with no beneficial purpose except to contain the THC… is that correct?..it seems like a number like 75% THC is too low since it is not really a liquid anymore, i would think 90% THC or more of this liquid has evaporated since it is really just a tar texture)

using their info… in my 6.8 grams of extract I “should” have about 5100 mg of concentrated THC…
using MY thoughts …it would be more like 6120mg

If I were to add that to 100 melted candies (like my tootsie rolls)
their it should yield me about 50mg per candy…
where as my theory is about 61mg per

can anyone verify either theory or point me in the direction of the correct process to figure this out?
Inquiring minds want to know…


Qwet extract wax/dab is 750 mg of thc per gram.

It doesn’t matter what the plant thc % is so 6.8 X 750 is 5100. Don’t go through all those calculations just multiply by 750 easy-peezy

So your candies will end up being 51mg each


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thanks thats what I thought…
I also found an online calc after I posted this that came out with a much higher number…but I think the one I use and yours iis right…
Thanks again…



I agree with @Caligurl. If you do a qwet and filter each gram is about 750 mg thc. The longer you wash the material the less potent each gram of wax will be as there will be more plant material.


Alcohol extracts the THC from the plant material. Once you end with a gram of evaporated extract it amounts to 750mg. From there, the difference is how much bud does it take. the higher the THC level of the cannabis, the less bud it will take to obtain a specific weight of extract. Do I have this right?

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Yes, if you have one bud that is 15% THC and another that is 23% thc, the result is the 23% bud produces more concentrate in grams than the 15% thc.


How can he figure out the % of THC in his home process without getting it tested at a lab? If not than it’s simply a guess.
Would’nt that be lile me saying the Temple Balls I made have 80% thc? I followed Frnchy C. lost are of hashsis down to the temp of the water in the washer. Negative.
You must get it tested to get the correct %. If not it’s just a guess.
Happy growing…