When Does the Auto Sale End

Anyone know when the 10+10 on the autos ends?? Don’t want to miss out on it.

I assume end of the month. I’m pretty sure there was a sale the month before to on different strains. Don’t know if they do it all the time though?

Yeah it was white widow and blueberry.


I grabbed one of the WWA 10-10. That’s a little over $5.00 for about 3-4 oz of smoke. Great deal!!

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Wow! Is that dry weight??

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You should be able to pull 3oz off a White Widow so yeah, consider it $5.00 for (where I am),$900.00 worth of smoke (purchased) Great deal.


You can go to the web sire and check buddy

Here a link to make it easy for you lol
Happy growing :v: CB