When does it start flowering


Hello people. My auto WW straIn is 40 days old. Is it late for her for starting flowering? Or am i going well and it’s normal for auto strain to start like that? I mean 40 days? Thanks for advices and time🙌


It’s my first time for auto strain. Thats why I’m asking


You should see pistols anyday now watch closely at nodes for pistols start feeding flower nutrients when you see the first ones
Looking healthy and happy bro


Thanks👍 I was giving her nutrients, then it started to burn little and i stopped for sone time and give her only water. Maybe it’s the right time for her to start flowering. I’m giving her light 20 on 4 off because of auto strain.


I run 12-12 on my autos or 18-6 they do most of thier growing in the dark i do startvthem on 24-7 for the firstbfew day they switch
@Hogmaster is our resident auto king lol
What type of soil are you in @Nodriges


So i can give her 12/12 even if she’s auto strain. I thought 12/12 was for the regular strains in flowering. I have clear soil Diluted with Perlite and Beef stool. Thanks for advices and your time. :raised_hands:


Some people told me that auto strain need 24 hour light. But I’m thinking that every strain need rest🙂


They will grow under 8 hours on 16 off I prefer a week at 24 /7 then flip to 12/12 when I and if I like there size after a week I go to 12/12 that is my favorite light schedule to use trued out a lot so far for me this is best hope this helps feel free to tag me if you need anything :wink:


Thanks😉 you’re talking about auto yes?


@Nodriges Yes I am

I’m at day 70


And you are correct in your thinking of everything needing rest I don’t think the eight hours of rest is enough that’s why I like doing the 12 hours and have had better results


She’s beautiful :heart::+1: thanks​:raised_hands:


I agree with you all plants need rest @Nodriges
Some people believe giving longer hours of light is better but a plant will only convert so much light into energy and as a mentioned they do most of there growing in the dark period
Also there are other things that happen at night as well but thats a qholw other subject lmao
Thanks for sharing @Hogmaster


Thank you people👍


I’d do a little lst on her. You’ll open up more bud sites and let more light in


42 days from sprouting. No sighns of flowering yet🙁


Damn it looks good. She’ll flower. It may be waiting for you to make the bed.


Is it very late 42 days for auto strain?


Mines 42 days and it started last week. Then it has taken off.


That one could straiten up if it’d quit smoking. @Hogmaster