When does 8 weeks to Flower start

Hey there, I have 2 questions if thats ok.
Sorry if seem stupid ones. New grower here.

1… When you say girls take 7 to 8 weeks for flower,
when does that start. eg: as soon as you start 12/12 of when you see flowers start.

2… Im using Rock Resinator for big blooms but it says to use in second stage of flowering.
When is that.

Look forward to hear replys.


I’m pretty sure most people do start counting flowering weeks from the start of 12/12 indoors, but I hear of many that start when the first signs of flowering are very noticeable. In any event. you should be keeping a log and use it as loose guide only, and monitor the trichomes, because phenotype variances and the variable parameters of each grow can sometimes alter the timeline significantly.

As far as Rock Resonator, maybe they mean the second 4 weeks of the average 8-ish? You’ll have to ask them.

happy Growing,


I start when I see flowers starting. But I do switch to bloom or flower
Right when I flip to 12/12

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