When do you truly know your baby girl is done dead?

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Need advice…… the seed pop the other day but it’s not growing it’s first set of true leaves

I cut one leave off because it was dead, I don’t want to give up but when do you know “she gone” ??

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Cloudwalker in 2 gallon dwc. Using ph perfect micro, grow and bloom

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RIP sorry for your loss

So then you think that’s a wrap for her?

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At that age, you need to let the seedling dry out till she develops some roots. Setting her in the water that early of an age can lead to over watering, causing her to stall if not die. I think waiting about 10 days gives her enough time to settle in, then put her in your system.
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That makes sense, thank you for your time and thoughts!

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Are you feeding grownup food to an infant?
Is it a bit early to be feeding nutes, I believe she needs some real leaves and roots before feeding.

As long as she’s green there’s hope. When she is no longer green, that’s when you know