When do you start the flower clock

Seen and read many opinions as to when you actually start the flowering clock.

Is it when you flip the light schedule

See your first sets of pistils

When you see multiple sets of pistils

Look forward to your comments!

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I personally start counting the day I change my light cycle to 12/ 12. But I also don’t harvest until I see a little bit of amber trichomes on my buds, which means sometimes it could be 9 or 10 weeks total flowering by the time it’s all said and done since I don’t count my flowering time from when the first set of little bud/hairs appear. For me that happens in what i consider my “second or third week” of flower . I hope that made sense.?. Good luck with your grow.

Hey there @Duh-BanjoPicker I start my countdown as soon as I see some flowers begin to form. I do change to my transition nutrients on flip to 12x12 day for photoperiod plants. But officially I time my harvest by flower development.


I count day one the day I walk in and my tops look like puffballs or tiny buds starting to form with multiple pistils. I write that date on the pot. I then count 8 full weeks before I break out my loupe. If I see no amber on the bud itself not the leaves, I let It go 9 full weeks and break out my loupe again. I check each day after that.

I pick mine once I see amber on multiple buds. I cut the entire plant, as time spent trying to grow out bottom buds is time I could have spent growing more colas.

Some strains will flower in 7 weeks, some Sativa’s may take 16 weeks. Use the breeders estimate as a guideline but not the exact date for harvest.

For example I’ve noticed shorter veg times often lead to longer flower times in many strains.


I used to say from flip, but my plants always take a minimum of 10 weeks, so when you start seeing pistils is probably the right answer.


I count both from flip, and from first pistils. I count from flip because I grow mainly clones, and they should (in theory) finish on the same schedule each time.

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I count when i see the first pistils or ‘buttons’. Usually a week or 2 or 3 after the flip.

I don’t think it really matters because they won’t be ready for harvest until their ready. Just know when you flipped and about when you start seeing pistils and start looking at the trics when you think its about time to harvest


Thanks for all the replies. I know it was kind of a rhetorical question. As, I really doesn’t matter whether we are in week 4, 7, or 13. When they ready………they ready.

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I start the flower clock when i see white pistols

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