When do you start counting?

I see people use very specific number of days flowering, and I am wondering how people calculate that.
Is it the day you switch to 12/12?
Is when you first see flowers?
My grow
Seeds started March 8
Turned to 12/12 April 19
Full flowering May 1
Pictures from yesterday


12/12 flip is day one for me. Flipped mine 4/16 cutting them down next weekend

The official start of bloom for photoperiod plants is when pistils start forming to make buds, after about 2 weeks of 12/12 lighting. Sometimes, pistils will show before the light change; these are just showing sexual maturity and aren’t necessarily signs your plant is in bloom.


I’m as green as my plants… What is 12/12?

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Welcome and 12/12 is the flowering light schedule 12 hours on 12 off

How many days in flower is this pic?