When do you know it is time for harvest

How do you tell just when the plant is ready to harvest and is 72 hours enough time

Check out the guides, and especially this one:

Also check out this recent thread:



All you need for a “trichrome scope” is a good magnifier. I recently bought one on line for about $10 that has a magnification of 60x and is lighted. KingMas Mini 60x LED UV Light Pocket Microscope Jeweler Currency Magnifier Adjustable Loupe. Go to this link: http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=magnifying+glass+60x&tag=googhydr-20&index=aps&hvadid=75610636277&hvpos=1t2&hvexid=&hvnetw=s&hvrand=16089011395888029399&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_5jjanu8wp3_b_p4
There is 1 used one at amazon for $2.70. The add says new they are $10.00. Hioe this helps. Good luch to you. Keep it green.

This was a two part question. I understand looking for the hairs to change color and I ordered a 60x Microscope jeweler type.part two of the question was about timing. Is 72 hr. enough time are is there a texture other than too darn dry?

Is 72 hours enough time for what? To hang the buds until dry?

No, there is no set limit on time, it depend on your relative humidity and how you hang or dry your bud.

This was covered in this link

and especially here: “you will need to make sure that your buds are drying out fairly slowly – between 4 and 10 days.”


First time growet i have a same question. My widow pics are above. 8 weeks in flowering. 3 ft tall. Can’t tell if ut is ready. Help plz someone with knowledge. Rhanks

Do you begin the flowering count from the day you change the light or from the day you see the sex?

If I’m not mistaken its once they start shooting white pistols all over the plant, showing their sex just lets you know what sex they are, and they are letting you know they are old enough to be flowered

if your time frame is 65 days of flowering.
day 1 would be the 1st day you set to 12/12.

at that point, you have begun the flowering cycle.

Hey everyone. This is my first post. I couldn’t figure out how to start a new discussion on here so I figured posting here might work. My buds are flowering and looking great but the temperature here in Massachusetts has dropped down to 60 degrees. Should I harvest now or wait another couple of weeks?

Thought Id tag along here. What do you think? How close am i? 3rd day of 8th week (53 days) since I flipped. 20181010_100239 20181010_100223

Looks good to me maybe try 18 hours.of darkness