When do you drop humidity when flowering?

From what I have read I should be under 40% during flowering. My dehumidifier is on the fritz and cant set % it just stay on which I didn’t want to leave it just running and dropping too low if that is possible. So off to home depot to get a new one. I am on day 11 of flowering and starting to see white hairs popping up all over. I am at 45-49% right now. Can I go a couple more days before dropping the humidity? Going to try and get one tomorrow but might have to wait till Sunday.



Personally, I think you’ll be okay a few days. If it were 75%, I’d be more concerned. I try to stay around 30% but it spikes at “night” to around 50%. I need a dehumidifier as well I think.


Every thing between 30 and 50 % is ok :+1::ok_hand::v:40 % is a sweet spot.:wink::innocent:

~Al :v: :innocent:

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Thanks @Matthew420! I really didn’t think it would be that bad for a day or two just didn’t want to have any issues. I looked into fixing the one I have and the control panel is what is failing. I found one that cost about 75$ plus shipping which was a I think around 10$. The one I am looking at is a GE and cost about 170$ for 30pint tank. I run one in my basement all summer long so it will get used and not just in the grow room.

Thanks @Niala I was thinking of setting to 36-38%

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If you have good airflow fans and temp control you can flower in higher humidity you just have to be vigil


Usually 50-55% all the way through

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so what you are saying I am good where I am at? 45-49%

Yes that’s absolutely perfect

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sweet!! thanks

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You’re welcome, and 36 to 38 % is good :+1: I personnaly will do a little water spray in the beginning of the light period ,however, that’s me :grinning::wink::v:

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I run my fan on a timer few hours on few hours off. My grow room is about 10’ x 10’ which is doubling as my office space as well.

why are you running fan on timer? temps? I am talking about a basic desk fan for air movement not exhaust?

I am running on timer just so the fan is not running 24/7 but maybe I should be. It is a 16" oscillating fan. I do have some little fans like 4" I guess I could set up.

If you want to reduce the humidity the simple act of constant air movement will go a long way and while air is not moving moisture builds and pools on and in you buds it’s kinda a must have unless you have very low humidity

cool good to know! I will setup a constant air flow then!