When Do White Widow Autos Flip

I have some White Widow autoflowers That are almost at week 7. When do WW autos flip from veg to flower? When should a grower expect to see buds also?

@NavyVet420 grew 20 last season. Had em flip after 5 weeks. And had one go what? 6 months? Autos do whatever they want. U can give her a good push by shortening her light hours to 12/12 and giving a good PK dose of nutes


I’ve changed it to 12/12 a week or two ago. They’ve got their amount of nutes yesterday. But others are saying I should switch it back to 18/6 or even 24/0

To MAKE it flower? Whats the logic there??


As @PurpNGold74 pointed out

But shortening the lighting to 12/12 as he suggested will be the best option of encouragement to get them to start flowering.
Pictures would help, they may be already flowering, we don’t really know.


I had one I had under 12/12 lighting for almost a month be6it started to flower. And the plant was almost 2 months old before I did that. So 3 months vegg


I grew 20 last year as @PurpNGold74 said.

Granted, I grow outdoors but my typical grow is about 110 days, start to finish.

Veg- 30 days
Prebloom- usually 30-45 days from sprout
Bloom- 6-8 weeks

Hope this helps. Most use 12/12 just because it sves on electricity.

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