When do we turn up the lights to full power

@yoshi you have seen my maxi bright 660 lights. not they have 4 settings 0 25% 50% 75% and a 100%. now in in the second week of flowering and have had my lights on 25% through veg and i put them on 50% last week they seem to like it so when would i turn them up again ?. by the way i dont mean to bother you too much

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I turn mine full power before the flip.

But know your DLI average.


cheers @Nicky i have a meter so ill try sort that out and thankyou as ill turn the lights up


I’m at 100% by second week of veg if not sooner.

Sir if you have a moment. Can you explain what value i put here

Using this chart, i tought it would be 986 which is dead smack in the middle. Or is it 1231 which is the higher number on chart.

I don’t know what that is to be honest… What app is that?

You need to know the size of your tent then use at least the 24" height par/ppfd chart. Looks like your in the Photone cell phone calibration by reference. Your on the 12" chart… Going to fry your plants at 12".

Thats the recommended distance for max output!!

Photon app!

You want to see happy plants at 12" @Blastfact

Do they look like they frying?! @Blastfact More like flying if you ask me!! :rofl:

Well good for you… What power level and ppfd you at 12" above canopy?

Im at 75% of max output, almost 500 watts I’ll take it up to 100% after my 6th week in flower 650 watts! I should be closer to 60% but im going by what they telling me. And they are praying, and its not water they want, its lights they asking for. This is my first grow so im learning as i go

Your living right if your getting that at 500 watts draw at 12". So if you want to put a reference number in at 12" and thats the ppfd chart for your light then use the highest number for your size of tent or enclosure and make sure the ppfd maps out like the published numbers. I would be surprised if they are identical.

This is what i use to read wattage

it was climbing above 650 as you can see. I just unplugged before i could tell what max output is on this light!

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Got it thanks for the help! Much appreciated! @Blastfact