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12 Pack Clear Glass Old-Fashioned Jars With Metal Lid (with seal) 32oz


I’m going to get these for curing…, I guess… Someone please let me know if these do not look like good jars for this purpose… Thanks for all the help again!!!


Get wide mouth


Ah, nuts!!! I ordered them… Maybe I should cancel them? My hand will not fit in there i suppose! Not so good eh? Did not think about that. Well, I did a day or so ago, but… Hmmm Can not find wide mouth ones at reasonable price that I can get real quick… so far… Thanks @Sixpackdad
I see plastic ones, but i heard that is not good for curing…

Maybe i can find something here at my house that will work till i get new jars… Pyrex would work, with tight fitting plastic lids? My Pyrex containers might be kinda big, and I just wanna get the small Boveda things. I think they are 8 grams or something, the small ones… Or maybe peanut butter jars… Glass peanut butter jars that I have washed and re use…


So, does anyone know if glass peanut butter containers and other such glass containers that have been cleaned well, are just as good as glass mason type jars for curing? I wonder if they are just as air tight as mason jars made of glass? Seems like they would be, as the mason jars will not be pressurized when used for curing…?

And I also wonder if one would need to use a bigger Boveda thing, if one uses a bigger container, but does not have very much buds in there, so there might be much more air in the container, than buds…? Is the size of the Boveda thingy determined by the amount of pot in container, or the size of the container?