When do outdoor growers switch their nutes?

My experience is w/ indoor grows and when I changed to a flowering light schedule I switched NPK from 3-4-8 to 1.5-2-4.
Altho we are still a month off from -12hr light, my Bergman’s Gold Leaf is already showing an abundance of hairs.
Ideas would be appreciated

I now start adding small amounts of phosphorus a week or two into flower.
With earth juice nutes I slowly ween off the nitrogen, and eliminate it by week 5ish.

Sorry, I used the wrong ratios. I switch from 6-2-3 to 3-4-8.

So, are you considering this part of the flowering stage?

Once the hairs cluster together I lessen the nitro even further and increase the P & K to 1.5-2-4
Formed buds get 1.5-3.6-7

I consider this day 1 of flower.


I’m switching to bloom nutrients now, most of mine are showing signs of flowering

Thanks guys
I should start watching for signs and reducing the N and increasing the P&K after the solstice, not the equinox

and so it begins…

but 1st some neem oil for those aphids

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