When do I start topping and should I transfer

Today my 3 Fems Make 2 Weeks Since germination. I want to make sure I’m topping at the earliest and most beneficial time. Also, what is a good sign it’s tike to transfer? I have 3 autos in solocups and I don’t know if its time to transfer. Thanks, stoner BUDdies :peace_symbol: :v:

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Hi there. Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:
I usually wait til 5th or 6th node, then top to maybe 3rd. Some transplant before topping. I start seed in forever pots, so I m no help there. Others will be here to help.
Enjoy your new hobby


I dont transplant autos either, I start them in 3 gallon fabric pots. I suggest transplanting them as soon as possible to prevent the plant from adjusting to the small container. Get it in its final pot so its roots can stretch out and the plant can grow as big as possible.


I only have 5 gallons fabrics. Fine?

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5 gallon is fine.
Your plants are looking very good btw

@LetitGrow826 Hello there!! Welcome to the Group!! So it’s been a couple of days, did you transfer the solo cups and do any toppings? I’ve topped as early as 3 nodes with no negative affects that I could discern. This grow I went a few higher like @beachglass but I just pinch out the new tips instead of chopping down a few nose sets. Everyone has different methods and these ladies tolerate most of it lol. Good luck!!

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I actually ordered air pots and they arrive tomorrow. I will be doing the transferring and feeding tomorrow :grin::pray: