When do I start to use my Bergman’s flowering nutes?

Not sure what stage I’m in? This is about 6weeks from seed. I just don’t no what kind of nutes to feed, I have the Bergman’s 3 stage nute packs, any help would be appreciated, I just went threw a defincncy that cal mag has helped out a bit, but still working through


I read needs nitrogen first week so day i flipped to flower was nute day. I gave mine last week of veg in bergman. And than gave water next watering (4 days later ) than gave flowering nutes 4 days after that. So like 8th day of 12. 12 i gave flower nutes.

Never had more than one leaf show barely signs of anything bad at a time. Maybe one leaf had nute burn but was tiny. Thats befire i read ec and ppm thi also but not one plant outta 10 got screwed up doing tgat way. First timer myself so just offering my experinece

I have no clue what you just said, but thanks


If autos I would start bloom nutrients, I see some visible signs of preflower. If a photo period plant about a week after the light flip or preflower :love_you_gesture:

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Awesome! Thank you I really appreciate it, bloom nutes it is today!

Yes autos

It’s weird because there is a package of bloom booster and then a separate package of bloom start, both for stage 3? I don’t think I’m ever using Bergman’s again due to absolutely no information upon arrival and barely any info on packs themselves other than how much to give per liter or gallon. But I paid for it so I’ll use it up.


I’m not familiar with that nutrient line, jacks for me and for autos I stay at 900-1000 PPMs. From my experience any type of bloom booster is a concentrated form of PK that’s already in the base NPK, if you do add the booster make sure to reduce the base. What medium are you using and would highly recommend Jacks 321 :love_you_gesture:

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I said that i never had an issue in 2 weeks if flowering by giving them regular veg nutrients the first week i flipped them to 12. 12. Aka flower. On 8th day of flower i gave the first week dose of bergmans on the chart listed.
2 weeks in and they went from 12 inches to 30 almost today. No issues. Nute deficiency. Or lock etc.
I am new and can offer my experience but i also git bergmans and this is what ive done and no problems yet.

Just fig i try and give you my experinece so far with it.


Soil. Thank you

Thank you, nice plants!! So I should change my light schedule to??

I’m currently on 18-6 and have full spectrum led lights

Ty. I chabged mine at 12 inches because i didnt know what to expect. And if they tripled i would be ok on height still. Im no expert on when to flip. First grow ever. I have a tent of clones also lol. Just trying to stay afloat. But the clones i used advanced nutrients line. Seed grow is all bergmans.

And ty ! Def impressed with bergmans tho. So easy to feed amd there lil body builders lol.

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What kind of water are you useing? Are you ph balancing? I use ro water balanced at about 6.2

Sorry i dont know who you mean. Me i use tap water with a filtrete under sink filter system tgat removes chlorine. Sand dirt etc

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What kind of media are you useing? Thank you

Im using ffocean and perlite mix. Water phd to 6.5. But the advanced nutirents ph oerfevt automaticaaly corrects ph and stabilizes it so that parts easy

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For clarity, RO has no pH. A pH requires the presence of ions, and RO has no dissolved solids for ions to be present, and therefore no pH.


When I use my ro water I test it first, it’s usually about 6.9 then I add ph down to adjust between 5.9-6.3

Am I doing something wrong? Please help thank you

pH testing RO water is futile. RO water cannot have a pH.

It will; however, have a pH when you add any type of fertilizer (cal/mag, silica, Jack’s, Fox Farm nutes, etc.) It will be at that point where dissolved solids are in the water and a pH measurement makes sense. Always pH test and correct if necessary after adding whatever it is that you are adding to the RO.


Ok, so if I’m just watering my plants I don’t have to check ph? I’m just wondering why my meter says 6.9? Then I adjust. Maybe I should just switch to tap water and adjust ph, it seams all my issues happened after I bought the ro system

I do calibration quite often.