When do I start the flowering stage

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look to be coming along nicely

You can start flower whenever you like

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I think you’re ready to go into flower, your girls look great. So no time like the present.

do you think I need to wait are you think they will give me good held now start them are the first of Feb

Honestly buddy, I’d hold off and do some training on them. I top and lst my plants. You can get a significant amount more bud if you train them. If those where my plants, I’d let them vegg another week or two. But, if you to and train, you can have plants that looks like


One thing to think about is how high can the plant get and not hit your lights. Or the top of your fence, if you are going stealth outside. I flipped to 12/12 when my Northern Lights was 21" above the pot, and it stopped growing at about 44". That was lucky, because I could not raise my light much more. Some strains actually triple in height from the flip to the end. Getting too tall at the end is pretty much a disaster.