When do I start nutrient schedule?

I just transferred from solo cups with very little nutrients in the soil. Should I wait a few weeks to start my nutrient schedule? I transferred to 3 gallon pots with happy frog soil.

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No nutes for at least 4 weeks with Happy Frog. When you do supplement; go lightly and use a PH and TDS meter (NOT one of those 3 in 1 meters–worthless)


Ok awesome that’s what I was hearing just wanted 2nd opinion thank you

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Only time you would add nutrients in the seedling stage is when you are using soil that is completely depleted of all nutrients. Like me using FFOF soil that will be 2 years old come May.

When depleted, you will show signs of deficiencies pretty fast. :+1:

This is my first time so I’m all over the place not knowing what to do and making sure I have everything and so forth I used fox farm light warrior for seedlings and now transferred to happy farm so I’m sure I’m good for awhile just PH at 6-6.5 water correct?

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Yeah you want a pH around 6.5 going in. That is how I do my water now since it ranges from 7.9 to 8.7 pH.

For soil grows.

Ok awesome my tap water starts at 10.5 I bring it down than just use that?

I use this to bring it down. Yup…bring it down and and use the water.

Got the same stuff lol bought the kit and it has PH up as well

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Then you will be fine. With that high of a pH you will go through the pH bottle pretty fast.

I think to bring mine from 8.7 to 6.5 its about 7 ml. So my small bottle won’t last long at all.

Wow, that’s really odd. When I used that ph down it only took 15 drops per gallon to bring it down to 6.5 from 8. Essentially .1 ph per drop. PH up, on the other hand, would take about 5-7ml to bring it up from 5.9 to 6.5.

This water is a municipality so its not monitored by the Texas Water Board. It comes out brown if you don’t use a water filter system.

Still shouldn’t make much of a difference. This is how much I’ve gone through in 7 grows. I switched to Citric acid crystals the last grow because it’s more microbe friendly.

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That is how much it takes. Not a joke and when I say I have a lot of experience with testing pH, you can take it to the bank and cash it. I know it makes no sense and yes I calibrated the Apera 20pH meter.

I believe you, just odd is all. Can’t really go wrong with the apera.

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It takes me between 7 and 9 ml of pH Down to get to 6.6 when I’m feeding at 800 - 900 PPM.

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Wow, that’s nuts. Wonder what the difference is.

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I know what you mean. It makes no sense but that just happens to be the case. Oh well…when I need to order a bottle of the pH I will get a bigger jug.

@Bobbydigital It doesn’t make sense. I did do drops at a time then check the pH. It took 7 ml to do the job. It has to be something in the water that is causing it. I’m at a loss and all my chemistry and biochemistry classes I took has me scratching my head saying wtf is wrong with this pH.

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Wonder if the strength of each solution can vary that much. Do yall shake yours up before use?

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Yup…I do shake it. As this is by General Hydroponics I’m guess they have their stuff dialed in perfectly. Long as the chemical formulae is the same, it should be a consistent product. Like I said I am at a loss with my experiences. Its all good. Gotta do what I gotta do. If my pH wasn’t hitting 8.7 and was closer to 7.0 it wouldn’t take much pH Down theoretically.

Maybe the meter got banged around in shipping. No clue.