When do i start feeding?

What are true leaves? Should i start now! They popped 8 days ago15246704404002850275625401086186|374x500

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Ilgm critical mass fem
Hydro system "cash crop 5.0 "from dealzer
Quasar 20 watt full spectrum LED
Indoor . Temp 73
Humidity NA
Vent in the box

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OK. You’ve got a LOT of stretch which means your lights are too far away from the plants. Let’s get @Donaldj as he’s a hydro expert.


I thought so and raised them as shown.the light being fixed to the top of the box , should i raise it even higher?

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I’m afraid to tell you that you will probably need a LOT more light than what you have. That light would be fine for seedlings but is too small to get close enough to cover your plants and still provide light to all of them. That light would need to be 6 inches or so from the plants.

Your metric with LED’s is somewhere between 35 and 50 PLUG watts of light. Don’t go by the “1,000 watt equivalent” because that’s all marketing. So, for that space (assuming 2 x 2) you minimum 140 and nominally 200 actual watts of LED’s.

Let me call in @dbrn32 to have him look.


No lower the light way way down from where you have it @Thierry. You don’t have enough light.

What do you have, 20w or 200w led?

I raised the set up to be closer 6 inches ish. Hope it will help.
I will not buy a new light . I will have to make this work.

Light is fixed. can not lower it

You are at least a week away from needing nutes and after that probably another week at only 200ppm or so tops.


With this light your buds will be extremely light weight and airy. I bet your plants look good while they are in veg and grow pretty well, but once they reach flower, they will not produce very much. I wouldn’t expect more than 14 grams or so total under a light like that.

I actually been watching a grow in an aerogarden with a 45 watt light. It’s doing ok in veg but won’t produce much come flower time.


Even if you got 20 grams, that would be a gram per watt and that is tough for some seasoned growers to do.

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Thanks for tag @Myfriendis410

First things first, welcome to the group @Thierry! Looks like you have temporary measure in place by getting them close to light, good job there. Unfortunately, I agree that you’re going to run into issues with such a small light. I’m in 100% agreement with @TDubWilly about very low yield potential. Even 14 grams would probably be on the higher end of what to expect, I would’ve probably guessed 10ish grams.

Either way, if your seedlings don’t fall over from stretch, you should have a little bit of time to fix that. Should you change your mind anyway. But you’re definitely not going to produce enough light energy to grow reasonably yeilding plants. Should you change your mind and be open to adding more light, I’ll be happy to help.


I agree, pretty lofty expectations. Attainable, but with some experience and well suited equipment.


Well my loss . The box was a present. I will use it like this for now.
Thanks much for the answer on feeding now or later, i’ll wait and start in 10 or so according to what they look like

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No problem. I encourage you to continue with your grow, learn, and make changes where you see necessary. I just want you to know about the light so you don’t get to the end of your grow and not know what the problem was.

@dbrn32 can help you build or buy the prefect light for your space


There are some cheap ones out there if you change your mind…$89

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower