When do I start bloom on my plants and why are they looking light bleached?


Can you take a pic thats not purple or black and white




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Curious as to why you’d use a good cannabis soil and then drop some generic vegetable plant food in it?

Your day night is at 12/12 so you are already getting them to start flowering. I noticed some preflower already happening.
Do you plan on moving them into bigger pots or leaving them to finish in the 2 gallon pots?

Whatever is preferred , I don’t know much about what to do and what not @Skydiver

I know nothing about what to do and what not just googled good plant nutrients and that’s what came up @Bobbydigital

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we all gotta start somewhere, best way to learn is to do and you found the right place. the people here are of the highest quality :stuck_out_tongue: , from my limited knowledge i see a few things goin on here. As already stated the miracle grow got to go, and veg is usually 18/6 and flip to 12/12 to start flowering. also it looks like you got a lot goin on and they look like they are at different growth stages, is that a 4x4? also what size light are you using is it big enough to cover all those girls? i run 2 lights + a bloom beast in a 4x4 and its barely enough coverage. the discolored patches look like light deficiency is that blurple the only light youre running ? they might be lacking spectrum, and they look like they might be in shock are they drinking?, and your pots are kind of small for a full cycle …rootbound maybe? or nute lockout from the miracle grow, all thisis just a guess from lookin at a few photos, you are in a good place though lots of good people much more knowledgable than myself, cant wait to see how this plays out

The latter photos are much better. You can see miracle grow at work - most of the leaves are dark green. Almost too dark approaching Nitrogen overload / toxicity. Stop using MG and get cannabis specific nutrients. I started with Fox Farm trio of Big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom. They are very popular and easy to use. I later switched to Advanced Nutrients. They are great.
The lower leaf discoloration looks like calcium magnesium deficiency. Get some calmag. I am also seeing what looks like potassium deficiency. The second picture is a good example. Lighter color on the outside edges and dark green in the center. This is a little tougher to correct separately. It is more dependent on a good well balanced diet.
I don’t think your light is powerful enough to burn / bleach your leaves. What brand of light is it. It probably is around only 200 watts.
You have a little work in front of you.
I think you will want to flush your pots to get rid of or at least reduce the amount of MG in the soil. 2 gallon pots is pretty small for photoperiod plants. Which I assume they are since you are using 12/12 lights and the larger plant is flowering. Or, are they all white widow autos but different ages?
Either way, I would not transplant the one that is flowering. Flush the soil. Treat with calmag a couple of times and get some decent nutrients. You should bend the tall one over. The height difference between it and the other plants will totally mess up the other plants. They will stretch and become weak and produce nice fluffy buds. Better yet, get another light to set over the shorter ones. Learn basic LST (low stress training) too. Break the apical dominance and spread and flatten out the tops


The two plants in the back are at a different stage I bought them that size from a friend and they were dying I have been restoring them the smaller plants were all planted at the same time by me … this is the light and tent I have

The smaller plants are white widow they are not autos I have no idea what the two plants that are flowering what strain they are

Also I just started using MG a few days ago because I was using nothing at all this whole time I have only did one feed

@beardless how do I bend the tall one over what does that mean lol?

Ok that light is no where near 1000w. Maybe 80. Look at sf1000 or ts1000. They are not to expensive and only pull 150w from wall. Good starter light. Also look up LST and plant training on youtube. You will learn a lot.

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Ok good on only 1 feed of mg. Use that for vegetables and flowers outside. Get fox farm trio. Its easy to use. Just mix in water and then ph adjust. If u dont have 1 get a ph meter and a tds meter.

Id get some cal mag also and yes transplant to at least 5 gal. Grow bags are great. Give lots of air to roots

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Could this be something eating at my plants?