When do I play with the ph?

I just got my ph up-down today and not sure exactly where to go from here lol. Any help would be great! Also I just got this cool ass little camera for my phone called a “Nug Shot” lol, here are some pics using it


are you growing in soil i assume ?

Yeah, soil and perlite. I’ll be adding vermiculite when I drop my photos. I’m assuming I have some nute burn and maybe even some nitrogen deficiency.

you may not need to use ph up or down… i grow completley organic and i use straight tepid tap water and dont have any ph issues… if your using synthetic nutes i would say water them and test the runoff with a meter… if you are between 6.5 -> 7 in soil you should be in good shape

Sweet! Thank you

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most welcome… happy growing

Man I thought I was tripping with that pic

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Yeah this camera is way cool

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