When do I move from inside to outside?

First time growing but not a rookie. I started 5 seeds and all 5 are rapidly growing. Almost unrealistic. I have them in a jiffy greenhouse inside. My question is when do I remove the lid and when can I take them outside? I plan on doing half inside and half under an advanced platinum led.

Take outside as soon as those first leaves show…
At least I did.

Like the 2 small ones as shown?

As soon as they show green they are looking for light the sooner you can get them under light the better because they will stretch looking for the light and get thinner till they fall over

The little spongy things you have your sprouts in did not work well for me.The other ones in the CoCo core worked much better .To answer your question,they are ready.I would keep them in the shade,for a few days depending on your strain and outside temps.If they are a Sative strain they can handle much more direct sunlight .Good luck

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Why didn’t the rapid rooter work? So far for me all my other veggies are going strong. I hope I didn’t fail.

Thanks Iva!

Some people like Rapid Rooters but many people including myself think they’re too wet for seeds.

Great for clones, I use nothing else
-good luck

Ah I see. I don’t like the jiffy plugs but the rapid rooter are good so far. I will keep this thread active with pics. I just picked up another bag of happy frog for my next batch along with earth worm castings.
Thanks guys!!!

I dont like rapid rooters I seem to have a few problems with them I have always liked rock wool but now I just use coco in trays or cups
Its funny how some ppl love them and wouldn’t use anything else Each to their own

I am discovering i dont like them at all. I think I ruined this batch and will have to start all over. Very upset and I will start them in the recomended way for my next grow. I haven’t given up but I am close. I saw coco in the hydro store today but didn’t get any. Next time I will, and next time I won’t ask the guy at the shop for any advice. 7 seeds gone down the drain.

I use the coco with perlite in it 30%-40% is spot on.
I was getting the premix but I have swapped all my hydro Veggies over to it as well so at $40+ per bag (50L) it was too expensive so now I get the cheap blocks and wash it out for less then $9 per bag (50L) including adding the perlite and rain water is free.
I really like the coco now I have worked out its short falls because it holds PH well ,dosnt go green bugs dont like it like soil and it keeps the roots well aerated.
I have found the best system after trying heaps at the same time that watering once or twice per day a 1.8 ec-900 ppm mix with Calmag or Epson salts (I use both) and some hydrogen peroxide for extra o2 (Half this mix for lettuce and strawberries) and flush once per week or when I start to see reading over 2.0 or 1000 ppm coming out of the pots.
Sorry big post again …pain meds lol but Coco is simple

So you grow hydroponic or in soil? I’m using strictly soil with as little nutes as possible. Next grow in using Roberts suggested germ process and them a couple in coco perlite mix. Does adding all that stuff change the flavor? Any and all of your ideas are awesome and keep helping me!!! Where is your climate? I am in NE Florida. Hot year round. Last snow was in 1989.

This was today.

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