When do I know to Harvest.?

GrandDaddy Purple, Indoor, Soil, KINGLED. I am 6 weeks into flowering. 2 of the 9 plants are showing mostly red pistils. Buds seem very small. Can a plant be ready for harvest before the others? Crystals are just starting to show nicely. Thank you.


Usually the pistils recede back into the calyxs a bit. Looks to still have a bit of time yet as there r alot of light to white pistils and real long. A usb microscope will be ur best friend to tell when done as ull see trics up close. Looks also like possible heat damage to leaves as they look tacod up and crispy look. Whats ur run off numbers look like

You’ve got a long way to go. For reference, here is a pic I just took of my GDP at day 75, and I think I have around 2 weeks to go.

Thank you Mark. I am retired living in Mexico & my 1st indoor grow. Lot’s of experience outdoors in Ca. Burn I think was from fan to close, curled leaves are moist. Lamp is KINGLED 1200W, 40" above plants. I have no idea about numbers. Your info is very valuable, thanks.

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Thank you Dexterado, Great reference shot. Hope they look that good…

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