When do i harvest my white widow

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my white widow looks pretty much like ReeferRanger but maybr not as chubby. Im growing out side cause of the smell of course.
mt question is , when do harvest the girl? I had one i thought was ready but when i got into it it wasnt readyafter all. I havt 2 more that are coming along but im running out of daylight here in minnesota. Im not sure when to harvest. It smells strong. not as much white dusty stuff on it . I waited last time to harvest when the smell was not as strong. I think I goofed up. dryed it any. way . smeled up the gerage, Cooked it.made salve. still dont know when to harvest it for max T H C can someone help?


Can you post some pictures. :thinking:
{white dusty stuff on it= trichomes}
Look at your trichomes on calyxs with loupe or magnifier…when you have about 10% amber it is ready to harvest.

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Welcome to the neighborhood. I think we need more information about your grow to be able to help you. Happy growing :blush::v:

I have mine in my man cave and my wife will not enter because of the smell LOL. I’m giving it rain water and she seems to like it . I’m not sure what I’m doing but I know I messed up on my last try … I’m going to give her three more weeks and I’m going to harvest …wish me luck …will take some pictures in another week, everytime I send pic I get replies that they not good but i do my best have fun …

I have tried to send pics but cant figure it out. i think I have 7 weeks in . read that it takes 8 to 10 weeks for white widow . going to wait till 9 and not worry about it till then. its getting colder here in Minnesota so im sure it will slow things down a bit so 9 should do it. thank you vary much to those who took the time out of your busy schedule to answer me. maybe wish me luck .
Till next year its the
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